So many powerful artists have amazing technique and a multitude of skills at their fingertips, yet they give performances that are not moving or memorable. Why is this the case?

I cannot state this with more conviction and fervor: Everything reads! Whether the audience knows why she is magnetized to the performance or not is because of choices the performer is making, second-to-second, and her inner connection/breath support or lack thereof.

SO, here’s my list:

1. Connect with yourself (Self) through your breath, BEFORE you enter the performance.

2. Adrenaline will be pumping through you, so SLOW WAY DOWN in moments between your power moves.

3. Be conscious of how much you look at the apparatus before you grasp. Grabbing is often reflexive and contracts your presence. When possible, reach for apparatus with foot or hand without looking.

4. Use your hands, arms, head, feet for gesturing. Whatever is not functional for maneuvering around your apparatus is available for expressive movement.

5. Stillness is emotional currency. Spend it sparingly, yet don’t hoard it.