Girls on Trapeze Performance

Performance in New York

In January, 2015, the theater/aerial ensemble, “Girls on Trapeze”, after being voted the community choice in a national contest sponsored by Circus Now, performed at the NYU Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in NYC. “Girls on Trapeze” is a performance ensemble featuring eight female trapezists, examining how their personalities, habits, and tendencies were shaped by the women who came before them. One of the goals of the exposure was defining the term “circus”; and to promote circus as an art form worthy of a serious platform, attention and exposure.

Arriving in NYC I was transported from the balmy serene life of the tidal creek and marsh where I live to a freezing climate that only Northerners could deem habitable! We were so fortunate to be able to rehearse at Circus Warehouse and trudged, troopers that we are, through snow and wind and ice to get there every day.

The performance went so very well. I found I could “rise to the occasion”, performing (without rehearsing) with a mic strapped to my body. I certainly welcomed being able to deliver my intimate lines without shouting. (“I dance for grandmama’s heartbreaking unquestioning devotion. I dance for the love, she as an orphan never had, but somehow found to give. I dance, in joy and in sorrow, honoring and remembering, their lives and their loving.”)

Afterwards, friends and students, family and performers all gathered for a party at the gorgeous 23rd St. loft of my dear friends, Jan and Dick. We ate, drank, celebrated and took long overdue deep breaths til 3am.)

The next day I went to see my favorite dancer, storyteller and choreographer, Bill T. Jones and was renewed in my appreciation of using aerial dance, spoken word and theater to tell a story, close to our hearts and souls.

“Girls on Trapeze” website is located here.