The Marsh Studio

Performance Center

The Marsh Studio is a venue for performance arts…aerial dance, theater, modern dance, and music.  The architecture of the space and serenity of nature surrounding the studio create an atmosphere of intimacy and beauty in which to witness professional artistic performances.  It is Don’s and my goal to bring you through the woods, down the sandy road and by the pond to witness provocative, entertaining and emotionally moving performances.  Yes, right here in McIntosh County, Georgia.  In the past we have hosted the nationally touring aerial dance/theatrical company, Girls on TrapezeRevien, an amazing string trio from Athens, GA; the versatile & multi-apparatus Canopy Repertory Co., also from Athens, Ga; Caroline Calouche Company, a professional dance/aerial company who delighted us with a Cabaret and Currents, an ensemble of professional dancers from Jacksonville, Asheville and Charleston and Darien, performing to poetry and live music.

If you would like to know about upcoming performances do check out out Events page on Facebook or on our site. You can also see some of our past events there also.