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Hello all you aerialists~

Several of you have requested a Retreat  at The Marsh Studio. I am offering one from Nov. 8-10.  The focus will be on working with a choreographed phrase you are comfortable with.  (This can be created before you come or here; there is plenty of “down time” in the studio.
We will spend our studio time together exploring:  How can authentic emotions be shaped and wedded with technique so that our audience leaves with the lingering images of our dance? What to do with our hands to enhance the creation of these images? How can transitions be felt and seen as part of the flow of the dance? What is the importance of “phrasing” in our dances and how can we have more dynamic phrasing? Through Laban Movement Analysis, poetry, music and structured improvisation (on the floor and in the air), you will be invited to bring forth your feeling/imagery life, planting the seeds of new dances.  Through confident technique, intention, connection with our breath, authentic gestures and stillness, our performance presence is both refined and animated.
WHEN:  Nov. 8-10 (arriving on Thursday, Nov. 7, afternoon/night )
COST:  $495 (included suppers, hot tubs, bikes, kayaks, canoe, bird watching.
REGISTRATION: $200 deposit due Oct. 15   Mail check to Susan Murphy, 1258 Blue Heron Ln., SE Darien, GA 31305
WHAT:  4 hours of instruction each day, including a private lesson.
See you at the marsh!
Susan Murphy
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